Permits are required throughout the Bushfire Danger Period to light any fire except in very specific circumstances. These, and further details can be found here:

Queanbeyan City Council residents are subject to the Protection of the Environment (Clean Air) Regulation 2002 which prohibits the burning of anything in the open or in an incinerator at any time without approval. Queanbeyan City Council is the best point of contact regarding this legislation.

If a permit is not required to burn, notice should be given to the local brigade Captain and neighbouring residents.

If a permit is required, they can be obtained from by emailing: A Permit Officer will contact you, and arrange a mutually suitable time for an inspection to occur. A permit is a privilege, not a right.  As a guide, Permits will not be issued where:

  • A suitable water source is not available to control the fire,

  • The proposed burn exceeds 1.5m tall and/or 2-3 meters in diameter,

  • Where the material is green (not seasoned),

  • Where building materials and other foreign objects are present, and

  • Where the proposed burn endangers buildings or property.