Our Equipment

Being Fire Fighters, our appliances are pretty integral to our ability to extinguishing fires.  They are our transport to the incident and also our best tool to assist us.  Queanbeyan City Brigade has 3 Fire Fighting Appliances:

  •  1 x Category One – Heavy Tanker, and

  •  2 x Category Seven – Light Tankers.

In addition to these we have a range of support vehicles:

  • 1 x Mini-Bus, and

  • 1 x Personnel Carrier (LandCruiser)

Queanbeyan 1

Queanbeyan 1 is our Heavy Tanker and primary response unit.  It is a 4WD 2008 Izuzu 5 Speed Chasis with a 2008 Kuipers Engineering Fire Fighting build.  Queanbeyan 1 is fitted with a 3300L Tank. It is equipped with Breathing Apparatus for Village and Urban fires.


Queanbeyan 7A

Queanbeyan 7A is a 4WD 2011 5 speed Isuzu NPS300 Dual Cabin.  It is our newest vehicle, capable of carrying 6 crew members and traversing rough terrain. It is fitted with a 1200L Tank and a GAAM Mk100 Pumpset capable of 150 Litres/Min @ 1000 kPa.


Queanbeyan 7B

Queanbeyan 7B is a 4WD, 5 Speed Mitsubishi Canter fitted with a 1100L Tank. 7B is quite often sent away on ‘out of area’ jobs and recently went to Victoria for the bushfires. Its technical specifications are the same as 7A.


Queanbeyan PC

Queanbeyan PC or “Personnel Carrier” is a Toyota Hilux for command & logistics support. It is equipped with Breathing Apparatus for Supporting Village and Urban fires.