Our Community

Queanbeyan City Brigades Rural Fire District is located both East and South of the Queanbeyan Town Centre. To the East, the brigade covers the following areas:


  • Kings Highway between Ridgway and Burbong bridge (ACT Border),

  • Cumbeyan Nature Reserve,

  • Wanna Wanna Road (to the Palerang Council Border),

  • Captains Flat Road (to the Palerang Council Border),

  • Powell Drive,

  • Watson Place,

  • Clydesdale Road,

  • Pony Place,

  • Povey Place, and

  • Bernallah Road.

To the South, the Brigade covers the following areas:

  • Wickerslack Lane,

  • Tempe Crescent,

  • Heights Road,

  • Mol Crescent,

  • McIntyre Crescent,

  • Old Cooma Road (between Wickerslack Road and Googong Road)

  • Parts of Googong Road

Information for residents

The brigade regularly undertakes Community Education activities within their area. The brigade actively participates in a Pre-Incident Planning program, where residents allow volunteers to inspect their property – allowing the production of a plan to assist in the event of fire. For more information about upcoming Community Education activities contact firewise@fire.asn.au.


Fire Safety Information

To ensure you receive the latest information, we have not reproduced it.  Please click here for relevant Fire Safety Information.